Petition To Have Muslim Fired Over Rape Comments

A petition has been launched this week in order to get a taxi driver’s license revoked after he was arrested for saying he would rape Christians.

Zaheer Hussain was arrested by Police earlier this week after he videoed himself claiming that he would rape Christian Converts.

Hussain was arrested on suspicion of religiously aggravated harassment and remained in Police custody for questioning.

Now, members of the public are signing a petition to have Preston City Council remove Hussain’s taxi driver’s license.

So far, the petition has more than 250 signatures, over halfway to a goal of 500.

A statement for the petition reads, ‘Zaheer Hussain was the perpetrator of a hate-filled video where the Muslim from Preston decided to share his views on Muslims who convert to Christianity.

‘He is a Taxi Driver and his views carry a severe conflict of interest with potential customers and also put people at risk given the nature of his comments during the video.’

A recent update had confirmed that the city council is aware of the petition, although it is not yet clear what steps, if any, will now be taken.

The petition can be found below:

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