Top 3 Articles of the Week

Every day, we try to keep you updated with the latest news in Preston and the surrounding areas. With this, we will be featuring the top 3 stories of the week you interacted with the most. This week’s top stories are:
Fire at Ivy Manchester
The recently opened Ivy Restaurant in Manchester caught fire due to a patio heater on an outdoor terrace, resulting in damage to the new venue. Fire crews extinguished the fires quickly and efficiently, with the restaurant now repairing the damage to the top floor. Luckily, nobody was injured in the fire.
Car Seized due to no Insurance
This is a story of a bitter break up. A car was seized from a male individual in Preston as the vehicle was not insured. When police stopped the man in question, his bewildered reaction ensured he had no idea about this, positive his vehicle was insured. After investigating the matter further, it turns out the man’s ex-girlfriend was paying the direct debit, and after their break up, she cancelled his insurance without informing him.
Woman Hospitalised after Mauled by Dogs
Jill Jones, a 55-year-old woman from Ashton, was attacked by two dogs resulting in hospitalisation for her injuries. The wild dogs were loose with no owner in sight. The attack took place near Stocks Road as she was walking her dogs. The woman sustained injuries to her ears and hands and was kept in hospital overnight. Police confirmed they have seized the vicious dogs.

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