PNE’s Gally Announces Father-In-Laws Passing After Life Saving CPR

Preston North End midfielder Paul Gallagher received tragic news today, as it was announced his father in law has passed away.

Gallagher’s inlaw, Jimmy Smith, had his life saved by a member of the public applying CPR after going into cardiac arrest at a local garage.

According to Gallagher’s twitter account, Jimmy had collapsed at 10:30 am on Monday, January 7th, and suffered a cardiac arrest.

Jimmy was said to be in a serious condition when reaching the hospital and that staff were going to keep a close on him.

Unfortunately, this morning took to Twitter once again to announce that Jimmy had passed away after three days of fighting for his life.

Gallagher said, ‘He (Jimmy) did regain consciousness on Sunday afternoon and he was made fully aware of what happened and was eternally grateful.’

He continued, ‘ Those three days gave us as a family special time to speak with him, laugh, cry and say our goodbyes’.

The midfielder goes on to say that the heart attack had caused other serious health issues, resulting in multiple organ failure.

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