Preston Businessman Gets 15-Months & Suspended Sentence For Battering Partner

Preston Crown Court judge slams local businessman who had viciously battered his partner, leaving horrific bruises.

John Cowell, a Preston businessman known for furniture trading, was given a 15-month sentence along with an 18-month suspended sentence following a guilty plea to causing bodily harm.

Overseeing the case, Judge Simon Medland QC told Cowell that he terrified his partner and children with his physical violence.

The judge told Cowell, ‘You behaved in a completely unacceptable, frightening and violent way.

‘You pulled her about, you frightened her, you terrified her and the children and took it upon yourself to use direct physical violence, causing serious bruising which has had significant effects upon her.’

He added, ‘I have to achieve a balance of imposing the appropriate penalty, taking into account the pain and suffering of your victim, the statements and the facts of this case, against the good points which undoubtedly assist in your favour.’

Judge Medland imposed an 18-day rehabilitation requirement, a restraining order, and £2,000 compensation.

According to reports Cowell’s victim, who is soon to be his ex-wife, said, ‘I feel cheated that his sentence was suspended, and that the coercive control charge is lying on the file. People ask why victims don’t report everything that happens to them – it’s because they feel they won’t be believed or that it won’t be taken seriously.’

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