Hunt Makes It Clear May’s Position Can ONLY Be Solved With No-Brexit or Hard-Brexit

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has made it very clear that Theresa May is between a rock and a hard place as Brexit negotiations continue (sort of).

In an interview with the BBC, Hunt has said that staying in the EU would destroy the trust the public has given MPs to deliver Brexit.

Given that May can’t seem to come up with a deal that satisfies her own party let alone the opposition or the European Union, it feels as though this whole thing could go one way or the other.

Labour are beying for another general election and so they have no motivation what so ever, even if they claim they do, to agree to any deal the Prime Minister brings to the table.

To make matters that tad more challenging for Britain’s second female PM, the EU cannot be seen to allow Britain a great deal as they may face a mass of soveriegn nations rushing to Jean-Claude Juncker’s office for a similar option.

Hunt added, ‘we have a government that is committed to delivering Brexit but it doesn’t have the majority’.

He went on to add, ‘the opportunities for colleagues to think “well if we don’t have this Brexit there may be another type of Brexit whether it’s a no-deal Brexit or a different shade of Brexit”‘.

It’s becoming clear based on Hunt’s latest comments and the back and forth May has participated in between the Houses of Parliament and Brussels that she is not the Negotiator-in-Chief; rather, she is the proverbial ‘middle man’ that has to broker a deal between the Labour party and the EU, both of whom want to see her fail.

So what do you do when the world wants to see you fail and the only chance of achieveing the goal that you set out for is determined by two groups that want to see you fall flat on your face? You consider what choices are really in your control; in this case, a ‘hard-Brexit’ or no Brexit.

It is doubtful that either of these options will be best for the country or indeed the EU, but from May and Hunt’s perspective they might just be the only practical answers without handing over the reigns to either Jeremy Corbyn or the public.

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