Preston Market Hall Continues to Improve

Throughout the years, Preston’s Market has seen huge changes, improving the aesthetics of the City centre. Almost a year ago, in February 2018, the new Market Hall opened to the Preston public. It had gone from the indoors, near Preston Bus Station, to the outdoors on Earl Street.

It didn’t take long for residents to adapt to the huge change. The glass and timber steel structure of the new Market Hall provides a modern and contemporary feel, improving the shopping experience for customers.

There are more improvements to come for Preston’s Market Hall, as work continues to further winter-proof the Market Hall. At the start of December, a new porch was added which will now be completed by a roof to further insulate the area, improving conditions for both workers and customers.

Environment councillor Brian Rollo has said ‘’initial feedback indicates the porch, which is not yet fully complete, is already doing the job it was designed for – creating a much-needed windbreak and decreasing air movement through the Market Hall. It will be monitored over the coming weeks and months to determine the extent of its success.’’

It comes after complaints from traders and shoppers of the chilly conditions. Preston City Council has now started a second stage of work to prevent people being affected by these windy conditions.

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