Tom Holland Freaks Out After Fake Avengers Leak Appear Online

Having already gotten a reputation for letting Marvel secrets leak, this time the story is how he hasn’t managed to leak the latest Avengers film, ‘Avengers: Endgame’ onto twitter.

A fake news story has been doing the rounds about the actor, saying that he had accidentally leaked the latest Avengers movie onto twitter for all to see.

So panicked was Holland, that he immediately started to investigate. However, after checking all his privacy settings and recent posts, he discovered that he had in fact, been duped.

Holland responded to the fake news story in fantastic fashion, posting through his official Instagram account; ‘this actually stressed me out. For a second, I was like “shit, did I?”’

Of course, fans of Holland and Marvel will be no strangers to Holland’s non-tight-lipped antics. He’s appeared on various television shows and let slip important information, having to be stopped on occasion by co-stars such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr. before he revealed any major pieces of information.

Perhaps Holland’s greatest spoiler filled gaffe was his accidental posting of the new Spider-Man films title, ‘Spiderman – Far From Home’, onto his Instagram, forgetting to blank out the title when he posted that his script had arrived on Instagram.

Marvel, who are renowned for their secrecy have poked fun at Holland, showing tape over Holland’s mouth in their promotional ‘avoid spoilers’ video for Avengers Infinity War. They even gave him a fake Avengers Infinity War script ending to ensure that he didn’t leak any more information!

This latest news story though, shows truly how similar Holland is to his comic book counterpart Peter Parker, known for his awkwardness and often clumsy nature. It’s also endeared him to even more fans.

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