Is Man-Flu A Serious Health Concern?! (Probably Not)

Man-flu, the bane of every man’s life and the enemy of every woman whose partner is afflicted.

Currently being a sufferer of the deadly slightly annoying illness, I wanted to find out whether or not the plague inflicting male-kind for countless millennia is a real phenomenon. Or, whether it truly is, as women say, made up in our testosterone-fuelled minds.

The NHS has dismissed the possibility of man-flu, citing the countless articles that say they have uncovered that it is not merely a myth, are false, or are based on flawed research.

The NHS says that there might be differences in the immune responses of men and women, however, the idea of a bug that attacks only men is simply a tale that we men tell ourselves due to our lower pain-thresholds and possibly less effective immune systems.

The possibility of having a weaker immune system is one of the reasons the NHS gives for discrediting man-flu, saying that actually, it’s more likely that men are wimps compared to women when it comes to putting up with cold and flu-like symptoms.

However, they do acknowledge that this may not be true, given that men are prone to riskier behaviors that should mean they open themselves to situations that are more likely to contract an illness.

So, being a proud man, what can I take away from this research? Because we’re idiots and like doing stupid things, we’re opening ourselves up to more illnesses, which is why we catch things that women can’t catch, such as Man-Flu.

Being a rational human being though for one moment, perhaps we men are simply weaker in handling illness as the NHS official research suggests?

The debate shall go on and on, however, one thing is for sure, until a woman experiences this plague upon mankind, Man-Flu should not be underestimated. It really will cause a full grown man to shut down to factory settings (moaning and wanting sympathy) for at least a good week.

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