Army On Standby While Airports Close Due To Bad Weather

It has been reported that the government has more than 2000 soldiers on stand-by ready to assist with essential services, should major issues be caused by the weather.

The UK has seen seven-year lows for temperatures, while snow, ice and rain have caused roads and airports to close.

Earlier today serious concerns forced both Liverpool and Manchester airport to close runways and prevent flights from leaving.

A spokesman at Liverpool Airport said the runway there closed just before 7am, and added: ‘It’s impossible to say when it will be reopened, it’s a changing, evolving situation but as soon as it stops snowing we hope to reopen it.’

While a spokeswoman for Manchester Airport said: ‘Our airfield team has been working through the night to keep the runways clear, which resulted in the day’s operations starting as planned.

‘However, as conditions worsened significantly this morning, we took the decision to temporarily close our runways.’

As of lunchtime, we expect both airports to be almost fully operational again, but there will be a continuation of worry due to more bad weather expected in the coming days.

The Met Office has placed Yellow Warnings across most of the UK at the moment and has advised those traveling to take caution.

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