Woman Takes 290 Pills To Egypt, Then Is Surprised To Be Jailed For Smuggling

A woman who was released by an Egyptian prison decided to appear on Good Morning Britain before actually going home.

Laura Plummer was arrested when she traveled to Egypt and then sentenced to spend 3 years in jail for carrying banned painkillers.

During the interview with GMB Laura had said she was happy to be back after spending 14 months in an Egyptian jail, before being granted early release.

Early on host Piers Morgan questioned Laura about carrying almost 300 Tramadol pills into a foreign country.

Laura has apparently gotten the pills from a friend, who was ‘doing her a favour’.

When asked about the large number of pills she obtained from this friend, Laura told the show that she couldn’t go into details because of legal reasons.

Eventually, she revealed that the tablets were not just for her use but also for her husband, who lives in Eqypt.

While going through airport security Laura’s suitcase was checked, where security found the mass of pain killers.

After being arrested and being given sentencing, Laura went to prison in Cairo where she slept with 200 people in a space that contained just 84 beds.

After the incident and her return to the UK, Laura still pleads ignorance and actually believes she was innocent of smuggling drugs.

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