A Guy Goes Missing For Two Days – Found Making Friends With A Bear In The Forest

We all remember the tales of Winnie the Pooh alongside the young Christopher Robbins in the Hundred Acre Wood.

However, for one particular young man, that story appears to be more of a reality than simply fiction!

Casey Hathaway, the young man in question was found by search and rescue teams after he was declared missing in North Carolina.

Casey was found tangled in spiked shrubs about half a mile from where he went missing.

The young man apparently spent a couple of days chilling with the real-life incarnation of Pooh Bear, telling his aunt that he ‘hung out with a bear for two days.’

Whether or not this is true, or the boy’s imagination kicked in during his time in the wilderness, his aunt, Breanna Hathaway, believed that it was divine intervention, saying that ‘God sent him a friend.’

North Carolina does have Black Bears that can grow up to 6ft tall when stood on their hind legs, much like a human, however, there have been no reported incidents of them befriending humans due to their omnivorous diet that includes small mammals.

There have also been no reports of honeypots, bouncing orange and black mammals or a depressed donkey anywhere in the vicinity.

Casey has been released from the hospital and is recovering from his ordeal surrounded by friends and family.

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