Emiliano Sala’s Old Club Nantes Wants Fee Paid For Missing Player

The BBC has suggested that Emiliano Sala’s old football club Nantes are demanding their fee for the missing player.

Emiliano was on a plane that went missing while travelling to the UK, which has been searched for over the last week.

In the last few days, authorities have said they have found the plane but have not found Emiliano.

Now the BBC is reporting that ‘Nantes are threatening legal action if they do not receive a payment within 10 days.’

The report went on to say, ‘A source at Cardiff says they will honour the contract, but not until they have clarified “all the facts.’

The reaction from fans has been mixed with some feeling this is an inappropriate time to be chasing funds, while others felt the fee for Sala was due sooner or later.

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