Post-Brexit Deal for Preston.

Preston wants a post-Brexit deal from the Government to tackle inevitable issues faced when the UK leaves the EU with the aim to rebalance economy.

Proposals includes imposing local tourist tax, boosting zero-carbon public transport and encouraging the growth of young people’s mental health services up to the age of 25. powers to implement skills and employment schemes, tailored to local needs from 24 councils across England and Wales.

The leader of Preston Council, Matthew Brown said: “Key Cities is a collaboration of cities from across the UK, using its collective voice to provide more opportunities to boost the economy, nationwide and locally.

“Having been a founding member of Key Cities, Preston Council is proud to be part of this initiative which endeavours to work in collaboration for the benefit of local democracy.

“For us, key elements of this publication are devolution, improvements in transport, both locally and nationally, and measures that improve innovation and support for local businesses.”

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