Preston New Road Fracking Grounded to a Halt

Cuadrilla, an energy firm, calls to change Fracking tremor limits.

The Fracking operations are being reviewed on the Preston New Road site prior to several Earth tremors above 0.5 magnitude which is the company’s safety limit.

No Fracking has taken place since December 2018. When the safety limit is exceeded, the operation must be paused for 18 hours.

Cuadrilla has stated that they have asked the Government agency responsible for Fracking to review the 0.5ML limit so that the site can return to work.

Cheshire energy firm have urged the government to raise the “absurd” limits on Fracking as its is making the shale gas industry “unworkable” for thousands of workers across the UK.

A spokesman for the oil and gas industry has said they will not be reviewing the system that is used to monitor Fracking ensuring the safety of workmen and local people.

A statement released by Frack Free Lancashire states that they are “Amazed that Cuadrilla are still lobbying to adjust the seismic levels.

“The existing seismic limit of 0.5ML was arrived at after a scientific inquiry”. The limits are there for safety purposes.

The executive director of Greenpeace UK has said “Cuadrilla have practically admitted that they can’t make fracking work under the safety rules they have been boasting about for years. If they can’t then they shouldn’t.”

Time Line of recent events:

October 19, 2018: Four mini-earthquakes recorded

November 2018: 36th tremor calls for revision from 5 local MP’s to pause Fracking

December 2018: Fracking paused after 1.5 magnitude tremor which was the largest tremor recorded

February 2019: Cuadrilla asks the Government to review the 0.5ML tremor limit in order to carry on mining for shale gas.

What are your opinions on Fracking?

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