Fancy Heading To Amsterdam For £30? Eurostar Has A Deal For You

For those of you that enjoy weekend trips to the continent, Eurostar might just have the deal for you.

The under-Thames transport company has said that it will be offering the opportunity to travel to Amsterdam for just £30.

Eurostar has said, ‘You can take up to eight of your friends or family to Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam, and the more tickets you buy, the more you’ll save.

‘So you’ll have some spare cash to splash on sweet treats, spend on strong blonds, or splurge on speculaas.’

Now, of course, that means you’ll need a few mates, or possibly strangers from Craigslist, to get the best out of the deal.

Two people to Amsterdam is £33 each, dropping to £30 each for four or more. Alternatively, you can bag a trip to Paris or Brussels for £28 ($37) each for two people, down to £25 ($33) each for four.

It’s thought the strategy of reducing pricing will make the train a competitive choice for customers who would normally fly.

However, EasyJet in particular didn’t seem worried about the deals as Eurostar does not run as many trips to and from the continent as the budget airline.

An airline spokesperson said, ‘easyJet flies between London and Amsterdam up to 21 times a day and carries over 2.2 million passengers annually.

‘We remain focused on our own strategy of growing our network, including at Amsterdam and providing easy and affordable fares.’

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