City Council Commits To Keeping Taxi Passengers Safe

Preston City Council has said they are committed to ensuring the safety of people using taxis in the city.

The council today released a blog to discuss the role of their licensing team in keeping Preston’s taxi users safe.

This follows a ‘Taxi public safety’ guide on the City Council’s website which states, ‘We have a duty to enforce relevant legislation, byelaws and conditions of licence in order to maintain high standards of service.’

Councillor Peter Moss, Cabinet member for planning and regulation said, ‘Seeing up close the role of the dedicated licensing team working alongside – and with – drivers helps you realise what a priority public safety is in Preston.

‘We all want to see safe, clean taxis in Preston.

‘It was great for me to see the checks from a driver’s experience and, even more so, understanding from a lay person’s perspective that the vehicles are mechanically sound.

‘We all have a responsibility for our own actions, but this work also helps. We’re here to ensure people are safe when using taxis in Preston.’

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