Here Is Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Being Single On Valentine’s Day

February 13th, known as desperation day, the day before valentine’s day. A day that’s known for the way that women throw themselves at unworthy men, and the day the men try and find a woman out of their league.

The myth of desperation day continues to grow every year, having started as a little segment on How I Met Your Mother. However, like many of Barney Stinson’s famous teachings, such as the bro code and the PlayBook, it is been adopted by those men that like to call themselves ‘bros’. So popular it has become, it is now one of the most viewed pages on the Urban Dictionary. Whether that’s from disbelief that something so ridiculous actually exists, or whether people are genuinely interested in the phenomenon, no one knows.

The aim of Desperation Day is to pull a woman before she reaches the point of no return which is 12 a.m. on Valentine’s day. The point of no return is what is known as the date day, where you are now no longer just simply finding a woman to sleep with, you are now in fact on Valentine’s Day date. According to Bros should this happen, and you find yourself on a date on Valentine’s day, you are unworthy of being a ‘bro’.

Unfortunately, that means for the ladies of Preston, that there may be the possibility of finding a man, that wants nothing more than to prey on the feeling of loneliness and capitalise on them.

Remember, February 14th and in turn February 13th are no different to any other days, except marketing and emotional blackmail becomes targeted at love birds and singletons.

If you are single on Valentine’s day, don’t worry, statistics show that you will be single for at least 35% of all Valentine’s days in your life. Look forward to the other 65% and more importantly, save your cash.

Have a wonderful desperation day, and even more wonderful Valentine’s day whether it be spent single, or celebrated with someone else.

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