REVEALED: Preston Drivers Are Amongst Worst In UK For Penalty Points

Preston’s drivers are some of the UKs worst, new figures reveal.

According to new data released by the DVLA, two of Preston’s postcodes have featured on a list of areas with the highest number of motorists with at least 3 penalty points on their license.

The research concludes that Bristol is the area with the biggest issue, with BS16 having more than 5,500 drivers with more than 3 penalty points.

That said, the PR2 and PR4 postcodes make the top 20, with 3,502 people from areas like Ashton, Fulwood, Grimsargh, Ribbleton and Ingol all looking suspect.

3,315 people from the PR4 postcode, in areas such as Much Hoole, Longton, Kirkham and Freckleton, have at least 3 points and 104 people have at least 9 points!

Compared with the national average, 2.69 million people currently have at least 3 points and 11,090 have at least 12 and are serving an automatic disqualification.

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