McDonalds Monopoly Leaked Start Date!

Valentine’s day is well and truly over and we have finally enjoyed the first day of spring – that can only McDonald’s Monopoly is on the way back.

The hugely popular promotion is expected to return later this month, with a leaked date suggesting the 20th of March will see the campaign kick off again.

Prizes for this years’ stickers have yet to be announced, but going along with tradition, we can expect a car and several holidays to up for grabs.

Can the prizes actually be won?
Well, reported that in 2009 you had a 1 in 542million chance of winning one of the ‘elite’ prizes.

However, a free milkshake or Big Mac could be very achievable. McDonald’s has said that there is a one-in-five chance of winning an instant prize.

Participating restaurants will give customers roughly six weeks to win something big, but it’ss require more than just that daily Sausage and Egg McMuffin.

Once March 20th hits (allegedly), stickers will begin appearing on the packaging of items, such as a Large Fries or Chicken Selects.

Generally the more expensive the product the more stickers you’ll get.

Looks like that Lean-In-2019 programme is coming to a quick end.

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