Anti-terror measures coming to Preston city centre

Lancashire County Council are tackling drivers that mount the City Centre pavements.

According to recent reports, £135,000 will be spent on preventing vehicles mounting the pavement – In what’s viewed as an anti-terror measure.

The wooden planters currently installed along Fishergate in 2017 will be replaced with the new deterrants, and will be extended to Church Street.

The anti-terror measures follow a range of lorry, van and car attacks across the world with over 100 people being killed.

Lancashire County Council stressed at the time that the measures were a “Pre-Caution” and they were not concerned about a “Specific Threat”.

The sporadically-placed planters installed 2017 were positioned “so that people on the pavement can get around easily,” cabinet member for highways, Keith Iddon, said as he announced their introduction.

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