Captain Marvel – A fitting tribute for International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, the latest in the Marvel film franchise debuted, this time however, the titular hero is in fact a heroine. Captain Marvel shows the true power of women, kicking prejudice and various stereotypes out the window.

Set in the 90s, and filled to the brim with retro music and film references, the film is a superhero mystery thriller. It follows the story of Vers (Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel) played brilliantly by Brie Larson as she returns to Earth under unusual circumstances. What follows is an adventure to stop a war between two technologically advanced races, the Skrull and the Kree.

Supported by Colonel Nick Fury, played by a digitally de-aged Samuel L. Jackson and Agent Phil Coulson, again a digitally de-aged Clark Gregg, along with the mysterious Kree Agent played by Jude Law, the cast is well rounded and works well together.

Packed full of humour and laughs, Captain Marvel continues the ode to Stan Lee, containing another cameo and a very special Marvel introduction logo. The whole film encapsulates Marvel, Stan Lee and International Women’s Day.

Littered with Marvel comic book nods and countless references to other Marvel films, including a pleasing Avengers nod, Captain Marvel maintains the tradition of inter-connectivity between it’s films. Complete with two end credits scenes, a staple of every Marvel film since the Incredible Hulk, it leads straight into the finale of the current Marvel universe; Avengers Endgame.

A film that can’t be missed, Captain Marvel is in a cinema where you are!

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