50% Of Knife Bins In The Country Have Been Removed Over Last Seven Years

Council’s are encouraging members of the public to use knife bins, while the number of bins provided is dwindling.

Today marks an amnesty provided to those who are willing to dispose of their knives in Hertfordshire, allowing anyone to freely use temporarily placed knife bins.

Hertfordshire Police has worked with the County Council to provide the temporary bins, which will be in place throughout this week.

Inspector Andrew Palfreyman of Hertfordshire Police said, ‘As part of our wider plan to reduce violent crime we continue to support Operation Sceptre and I encourage people to take advantage of the knife amnesty.

‘During the week of action we will also be conducting other operations to reduce knife-related crime, as well as using a poster campaign and social media to help raise awareness, especially among young people, that carrying a knife will not make you safer and is not acceptable in our county.’

Unfortunately, knife bins have been removed from cities and towns across the UK, with the Evening Standard revealing that numbers have halved in the last seven years.

According to the online paper, ‘In 2012, there were 36 bin locations where knives and guns could be dropped off.

‘Today there are just 18 and only three are in the capital’s 50 most violent wards.’

Lancashire Police last year said, ‘Too many families have been affected by knife crime with even one person being stabbed being one too many. The consequences of carrying and using a knife can be devastating and potentially life-threatening.

‘I would appeal directly to people that if you know someone who is carrying a knife, don’t keep silent. Report it.

‘The law is simple – it is illegal to carry a knife, even if it belongs to someone else.’

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