BBC Releases Short Documentary On Preston’s ‘Climate Change Warrior’

A Preston boy filmed his experience of convincing members of the public to join a protest that took place at Preston Train Station.

A 17-year-old boy called Izaak has taken to Fishergate and Friargate to ask for support for a climate change protest.

Filming with the BBC, the lone rallier was met with mixed reactions from the public; including one lad that wasn’t interested in hearing any facts about global warming at all.

The strike was eventually attended by just over a dozen people; leaving Izaak looking a little disappointed, even though he was happy that some members of the public took time to raise awareness about the issue.

A protestor interviewed by Izaak told him that she was ‘disheartened’ at the lack of turn out for the event. ‘I just thought more people would show up’, she added.

The group marched through the city chanting, ‘no gas, no oil, keep it in the soil’.

Despite the attendance, Izaak said he was overall happy with the display and has committed attending to another rally in the future.

You can watch the full video on the BBC website here:

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