In Your Element…

Were you one of the “New Year, New Me” people? Back in January, thousands of people across Lancashire hit the gym to become healthier and happier and many have, sadly, given up. There’s an easier way of taking care of yourself, and we explore how through massage and the friendly team at Elements Day Spa.

Led by Ruth Jackson, and situated on Leyland Road in Penwortham, the friendly team at Elements Day Spa combine health with relaxation. The Spa, whose main treatments include massages, holistic therapies, salt therapy and beauty treatments, take away the stress of every-day worries and help unwind.

The benefits of indulging in a massage are well-known. Many experts have linked massages to boosting the immune system, improving wellbeing and increasing your quality of sleep. You can find more tips on the Elements’ website in their blog section.

Speaking to Ruth, who was born in Penwortham and studied Beauty Therapy locally at Runshaw College; “Hi I’m Ruth, owner of Elements Day Spa, for those of you who haven’t met me yet I am passionate about all things spa, beauty and health orientated! I grew up here in Penwortham, studied beauty therapy at Runshaw College, then became obsessed with the world of health spas whilst working at Brooklands Health Spa formally in Garstang. Once I had learnt all I could from Brooklands I moved on to a spa situated inside a local health club, which fuelled my passion for excellent customer service and spas even further as I completed 5* training courses by leading product brands.

From working in these spas I have witnessed how important it is for your health to have regular visits to escape from the chaos of life and rediscover you. Many studies have proven how a 1 hour treatment every 4 – 6 weeks to escape, relax and unwind drastically lowers stress levels, can boost the immune system and improve your general wellbeing. (If you haven’t yet enjoyed the pure bliss of a spa treatment then trust me there are far worse things you could do to improve your health!)

This is why I started Elements Day Spa. To offer you a little escape right here in Preston. I believe everyone should benefit from what is known as luxury. “Providing you the ultimate spa experience with every visit”.

Elements Day Spa have a wide range of spa packages available, from their “Pamper Me” package, great for a quick afternoon treat, to their “Perfect Together” 2 hour session for couples, friends and relatives. They won 5 stars in the Client Experience Awards 2017 and can be found online here.

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