Petition To Revoke Article 50 So Popular It Crashes Government Website

An online petition to revoke the UK’s triggering of Article 50 has caused the parliament website to crash.

The petition was set up to raise a discussion in the house of parliament as to whether a reversal of Brexit would be possible.

Receiving more than a million signatures in less than 24 hours, the page has now crashed.

Labour & Co MP for Glasgow North East Paul Sweeney tweeted, ‘Parliament has explicitly voted against ‘No Deal’.

‘Any failure to secure an extension would leave the Prime Minister with two immediate options next week: Revoke Article 50 or to proceed to exit the European Union with no deal on a Withdrawal Agreement in defiance of Parliament.’

Revoking Article 50 would likely cause social chaos as communities that voted to depart our current relationship with Europe in 2016 would have their referendum victory usurped.

Should the UK end up cancelling the most divisive political decision in the country’s history, many would be concerned the damage done to the trust in British politics would be lost for generations to come.

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