Outrage As Preston Yooof Zone Is Broken Into A Week After Opening

Preston’s YooofZone has been forced to temporarily shut following a break-in at the Lune Street premises.

The YooofZone, set-up recently by Barry Hastewell and Stephen Mellor, opened on Friday 22nd March in a bid to provide Preston’s youngsters with a safe place to relax and play.

Mellor, a convicted killer, has joined Hastewell on the £300,000 project and aims to steer teenagers away from the path he chose as a young adult. Stephen was previously involved in a gang and a murder in 1997.

Posting on Social Media, a spokesperson for the YooofZone said; “Waiting for the police and crime scene to turn up.”

“Yooof zone has been broken in to last night (weds 27th) between closing at 10pm and this morning. They’ve taken float of £400.
Games machines broken in to and money taken
PS4 and Xbox taken
Decks and mixer
Recording studio equipment”

“Please can everyone keep an eye out or if anyone has any information.”

People responded on social media. One outraged person said; “Chris Walker No way, when you try to help people and the do this to you. Sorry to hear this guys“.

Another said; “Neil Cunningham Poor do when you are trying to help people 👎“.

Samantha Leyshon Absolutely disgusting 😡.I saw and thought we need more things like this in our area get the kids off the streets and a place to hang out with mates what a shame hope you find them“.

Since the break-in, The YooofZone has had a new alarm system installed.



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