Rigby on Guild Hall; “Time is right to hand over to a new company”

A new company is set to take over Preston Guild Hall before the end of the month, reports suggest.

Lancashire Post have revealed an interview with managers at the Guild Hall which suggest a new company will step-in to run the venue from the end of April.

This comes following news that several companies are owed money from Preston Guild Hall Ltd, and speculation that a wind-up petition could be applied for.

Current Owner of the venue, Simon Rigby, told Lancashire Post; “We have self-operated Preston Guild Hall to get it to a level where a serious operator would be interested in it.”

“Operating venues isn’t our strength as we have previously discussed.”

“VMS are a well-established industry operator and promoter and will take Preston Guild Hall on to a new level of acts and attractions.”

Rigby expressed that the “time is right” to hand the venue over to a new company.

“After speculation surrounding the Guild Hall’s future, we felt it best to confirm our intentions.”

Between 1972 and 2013, the Preston Guild Hall was owned by Preston City Council. Simon Rigby took over ownership of the venue in 2014 and, with the creation of ReView, Level and Live, has increased awareness and exposure of the venue.

The Guild Hall has also seen a vast array of local, regional and national accredited acts perform during Rigby’s tenure.

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