YOUR OPINION: The People’s Opinion On Preston Markets..

Following the news that Clarke & Sons were moving out of Preston’s Market, Gary Quinn (fellow stallholder) asked for your opinions on the Market Hall.

Posting on social media, Gary said; “So with the news of the loss of yet another trader on Preston Market, I’d like to know how the people of Preston feel about the new Market Hall. I don’t want just negative comments, more constructive comments and anything you feel that is good or could be improved with the new market.”

So with the news of the loss of yet another trader on Preston Market, I'd like to know how the people of Preston feel…

Posted by Gary Quinn on Monday, 8 April 2019

This prompted a serious of negative replies including; “I think it’s been a waste of the opportunity. Using only half of the canopy was a bad idea the whole should have used doubling the available space the rents should have been halved to encourage business. More stalls would mean more people using the place.”

Another replied; “Don’t get me wrong I love Preston I’ve moved away a few times but always ended up back here…..seems to me in (my opinion only ) the market has been ruined you only have to look at old photos to see how busy it used to be and how quiet it is now ! The council are greedy & catering more & more for students & not the people that actually have to live here ……they are “ playing “ at being a city look at all the pubs & shops that have gone forever ….it must be unbelievably hard to run any business in town now . The council should be ashamed.”

A third person commented; “The lack of shoppers in the Market is probably down to the expensive car parking, poor road system with the permanent threat of a parking ticket or offending one of the cameras!
I now shop away from the City centre as a result of a £60 fine a couple of years ago for being ten minutes over on a car park!

There were a few positive replies including; “Me and my wife love it . We both occasionally used the old market but now always go to the new one when in town. 👍“.

I hardly ever used the old market but regualrly use the new one now when in town. It would probably be too big if it was the whole of the canopy and people would then be complaining it was a waste of money doing it all. Shame that stall has gone but it was never as busy as the one next door so can hardly be all to do with the market itself.”

How do you feel about the Market Hall?

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