Game Of Thrones Launch Happens Tonight!

As Spring starts to make way for Summer, in Westeros, Winter is finally here. Game of Thones final season makes its debut today in America, or if you’re a Now TV pass holder, 2am Monday morning.

Those of you that have stuck with the series since 2011 when it launched with the idea of ‘battles, boobs and dragons’ will know that the show has become much more than the raunchy adult fantasy drama. Now, it is a television phenomena that looks set to become a major milestone in television history.

With every media outlet stating they have the inside scoop on who will sit on the iron throne at the end of what the cast has hailed an ‘epic finale of huge proportions’, GoT has truly become something more than a television show. Names such as Daenerys and Brienne have become popular amongst throne fans, particularly in the US, even encouraging a resurgence of the name John/Jon in the UK.

What’s more is the fact that cities are willing to accommodate the rampant Thrones fandom, fondly known as Thronies, by putting on season 8 premiere parties. Preston is by no means missing out, with both Roper Hall and Ships and Giggles getting in on the act and hosting Season 8 launch parties this evening. Both are claiming to be the perfect place to welcome in the newest and final season of your favourite TV show.

If you’re instead unable to stay up and watch the premiere of the newest episode, beware of Facebook and Twitter, as the social media platforms prepare to become breeding grounds for even the most minute of spoilers. Good luck out there.

Now, for those of you reading that haven’t the foggiest idea what is going on and haven’t got the time to catch up on all 67 episodes thus far, your favourite motherf***er cusser Samuel L. Jackson has you covered. In 7 minutes, you can get all caught up and ready to join in the festivities tonight. You’re welcome.

Those of you foaming at the mouth for the start of season 8, enjoy, because in a recent poll by GoT North West, 70% of you are going to be watching!

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