Ashton Community ‘Shocked, Sad & Angry’ After Alleged Park Vandalism

A community park in Ashton was destroyed last night as a car drove through the playground’s fence.

According to a statement released by Ashton and Riversway PACT, a car was driven at speed through the park leading to the eventual crash that caused damage to the fence.

Ashton and Riversway PACT said on Facebook, ‘Shocked, sad & angry that this is happening in our community…. Please read this – This message came through to us late last night at 23.46 – “earlier this evening while walking through Ashton Park at about 9.00pm saw that a car has been driven right through the children’s playground, destroying the fence, has there been any news about arrests made as the destruction is such a shame, kids now won’t have a playground due to one or some selfish individuals.”‘

‘Ashton & Riversway PACT went down immediately to the park to have a look but as it was dark and concerned about our safety in an isolated area reported it to the police directly.

‘To repair the playground won’t be a simple fix overnight. As the park ranger said only at yesterday’s meeting of Friends of Ashton Park, “Nothing surprises me anymore”‘.

The organisation also claimed that a witness had seen police question a group of youths shortly after the incident.

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