M6 Motorist Two-And-A-Half Times Over Legal Limit Was Carrying A Machete On Passenger Seat

A motorist travelling on the M6 was arrested in the early hours of the morning after a machete was discovered on the passenger seat of the vehicle.

The driver was initially stopped at around 2am this morning (17th April) due to a suspicion of drink driving.

After the stop on the M6, Junction 31 at Broughton, officers discovered what they describe as a ‘machete’ on the passenger seat.

‘A couple of bad decisions were made by this driver tonight. Stopped on the motorway near to junction 31 as he was drifting in the lanes.

‘He now faces a long night in the cells and once sober has to explain why he has a machete in his car.’

The driver was breathalysed and found to have roughly two and a half times the legal limit of alcohol in their breath.

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