Manchester Millionaire Who Branded Homeless People As “Lazy” Sleeps Rough

A Manchester Millionaire who once branded homeless people as “Lazy” and “Weak-Minded” has spent 3 days living out on the streets at The Strand in London.

Part of a programme named “Rich Kids Go Homeless”, to air later this year on 5STAR, a 23-year-old millionaire named Kieran attempts to live as a homeless person would.

The self-made millionaire, who lives in Oldham in Greater Manchester, normally lives a life full of designer clothes, Mercedes cars and exotic holidays, has previously described homeless people as “Lazy” and “Weak-Minded”. During the programme, Kieran was nearly stabbed and was forced to wash with wet wipes in a McDonalds toilets.

At the beginning of the programme, Kieran can be seen bragging about earning £10,000 a day; “I feel like the homeless could do a lot more for themselves. A lot of the homeless are weak-minded and lazy, but they shouldn’t be like that because you’re already at rock bottom, it can’t get any worse.”

However, by the end, he realises the harsh reality of life on the street; “I feel like I’m selling my body, you have to swallow your pride a bit.”

Swapping the £100,000 cars, £30,000 clothes and £20,000 watches for The Strand, Kieran slept on one of the UK’s most dangerous roads – Where suicide, drugs and alcohol account for 50% of deaths.

In more than six hours of sitting on the streets and asking for money, Kieren has just £33, nowhere near enough for a hotel room in the capital.

He desperately tries to find a hostel to bed down in for the night but after hours of getting lost he is devastated to be told there’s no room.

The number of homeless in London outnumber the beds in shelters two to one and many charities send teams out onto the streets to approach those deemed most in need to offer them somewhere to sleep each day.

Kieran later meets fellow homeless people and spoke about the sense of community he felt; “It seems like a community of people, that have their own politics and their own games.”

Further details about Kieran’s time can be found by clicking here or watching Rich Kids Go Homeless on 5STAR.


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