Avengers: Endgame – The NO SPOILER Review!

Have no fear, there’s no spoilers here!

We’re in the Endgame now. That’s what Doctor Strange said, and that’s what Marvel has delivered. A triumphant, hilarious, touching and heartbreaking culmination of 11 years worth of cinematic superhero gold.

Starring the indomitable Robert Downey Jr. as Tony ‘Iron Man’ Stark and Chris Evans as Captain ‘Steve Rogers’ America, along with an all star ensemble cast, Endgame is the Avengers film that was promised. Acting as the final piece of the Infinity Saga of the Marvel Cinematic studios, the spectacle ties up loose ends galore, whilst leading into the next decade of Marvel films.

Featuring a touching moment, that of Stan Lee’s final cameo, filmed before his death, the film truly is the pinnacle of cinema, not just of the superhero genre, but of the medium of media.

It’s so hard to speak about the film without giving away spoilers. But all I can say is that the film features laugh out loud laughs, balling your eyes out tear jerking moments and edge of your seat thrills. If there is one film that you need to see in your life, I’m not underestimating myself when I say it is this one.

We have no solid answer as to when or if there will be another Avengers movie, so this may be the last opportunity for you to see all your favourite heroes in one mega movie.

Get yourself to the cinema now, and prepare for Marvel’s incredible Endgame.

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