Funeral page shut-down for the son of a Lancashire family

A Lancashire family’s fundraising page, that was set up to pay for a loved one’s funeral, was shut down after someone claimed it was set up under false pretences.

More than £1,400 had been raised by donators after James Parker, 27, killed himself following a battle with depression.

After the donation site, Just Giving, received the claim that the fundraiser was a scam, they shut down the donation page, leaving James’ family in tears.

The claim was received by an individual posing as his brother’s next of kin, stated that the page had been set up without the family’s permission.

They also said James’ funeral had already been paid for.

All donation money was returned to the individuals who donated to the Parker family.

Ben Parker, brother to James, said: “We are absolutely distraught with what’s happened.

“JustGiving won’t tell us who called in but they won’t believe anything we say and have shut the page down.

Mr. Parker said the funeral had already gone ahead and had an arrangement with the funeral directors to pay the costs in instalments.

“We’ve had a really tough time and this money was going towards the funeral costs.”

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