Emilia Clarke Tells Game Of Thrones Fans ‘Episode 5 Is Mental’

The Queen of Dragons has revealed that episode five of the final Game of Thrones season will be bigger than ‘The Long Night’.

The third episode of the series, aka ‘The Long Night’ or ‘The Battle of Winterfell’, took 55 nights to film.

In an enormous battle that saw the culmination of seven season’s worth of foreshadowing, the cast and crew of GoT took no short cuts.

Some fans were critical of the show for choices made during the battle, such as not killing off any main characters (which would be a weird thing to say for almost any other programme).

However, most fans were excited and enthralled by the episode that saw our heroes literally fight giants, zombies and death itself.

Now during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Emilia Clarke, or Daenerys Targaryen, has revealed that next week the show will be at it’s biggest.

Emilia told Jimmy, episode five will be ‘mental’.

She also said, ‘I mean four, five and six they’re all insane, but, like . .’

‘Find the biggest TV you can’.

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