All You Need To Know About Heat Loss In The Home

Heat loss in the home can result in higher fuel bills for many thousands of UK home owners every year. In a home, about 25% of heat loss occurs through the roof, 35% through gaps and the walls, and 10% through the floor.

For commercial properties, the statistics are much harder to obtain due to the wide range of designs, ages, and materials used to build them. The variety of materials also makes the problems of heat loss harder to treat.

What is Heat Loss?
Heat loss is a measure of the total transfer of heat through the fabric of a building from inside to the outside, either from conduction, convection, radiation, or any combination of these. The amount of heat your home is losing is important for a number of reasons;
• Understanding whether the building meets regulatory approvals
• Determining whether or not comfort levels can be met for the occupants of the building
• Determining the energy requirements and running costs of the heating system

Where Heat is Gained and Lost
Heat gains come from heating systems, the sun’s warmth and internal gains from things like appliances and body heat. Heat losses occur through conduction in the walls, floor, roof, windows and doors or via ventilation in the form of air leakage.

Reducing heat loss reduces heating bills. This can be done by improving the insulation of your building’s envelope, improving air tightness or turning down the thermostat.

Main Sources of Heat Loss
As heat flows in any direction, any part of your home that is not properly insulated will allow heat loss. The most common sources of heat loss include:
• Transmission through walls, floors, and ceilings
• Air leaks and heat loss through cracks, holes, and gaps
• Air and heat loss via exhaust fans, chimneys, and flues

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