Mental Health Awareness Week 2019: Celebrities & Body Image

Mental Health Awareness Week will be the biggest ever in the UK, with celebrities and Royals appealing to the public this morning.

A nationwide radio appeal played across hundreds of stations, featuring the likes of Prince William, Stephen Fry and others as awareness of mental health reaches new heights in the UK.

The week will see a variety of events, shows and conversations based around mental health and te importance of reaching out.

Actor and Norwich City fan Fry said, ‘There are people out there desperate to be heard and you can help by taking the time to listen – even if you are a prince.’

Some experts are placing particular importance on body image this year after a recent survey found 34% of adults were displeased with how they looked and 20% felt shame over their body image.

Sarb Bajwa, chief executive of The British Psychological Society said, ‘Body image is an important subject – not least for children and young people, whose wellbeing is the society’s policy priority for 2019.

‘Worries about how we look can impact our self-esteem and confidence, and the media has a strong influence on what we think a ‘normal’ body looks like.’

We will be covering a number of events and topics throughout this week; including speaking to our resident mental health writer Richard Bullen.

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