Rebook Your Holidays – Jet2 Are Now Serving Nandos On Flights

Jet2 may have just taken plane food to another level after announcing Nando’s will now be served on flights.

The budget airline has taken an interesting step in deciding to offer more than just a tiny biscuit with lukewarm tea, potentially opening up more collabs between chains and airlines.

‘Peri Peri Flight Bites’ will be served alongside houmous and pitta chips in the first ever ‘Nando’s Box’.

A spokesperson for said, ‘To give customers even more reason to feel sky-high with excitement this summer, Nando’s vouchers can also be found in selected Nando’s boxes onboard, entitling one person to a free Nando’s meal.

‘The new in-flight menu is’s biggest and best yet, with a number of new additions to give customers more choice and variety than ever.

‘Following the introduction of its first ever in-flight vegan meal earlier this year, the warming and hearty penne arrabbiata pasta dish, the company has added the vegan and gluten free ‘Gnaw’ chocolate bar, with Nando’s Half-popped Corn also suitable for vegans.’

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