‘A Very Poorly Man’ Has Been Given 12-Month Community Order For Preston Mosque Graffiti

A man that admitted to spray-painting racist graffiti on to a Preston mosque has now been given a 12-month community order.

Gavin Edghill admitted to a number of racially aggravated charges at Preston Magistrates Court, where he was ordered to undergo mental health treatment.

Edghill’s mother Diana claimed that her son didn’t understand what he was really doing and admitted that he needs help.

Diana told the Lancashire Evening Post, ‘He isn’t racist, he is just a very poorly man.

‘He didn’t mean it. He does not understand what he has done, or how serious it is.

‘I buy him notepads and pens from town so he can write or draw or scribble to express himself.

‘It is silly, he doesn’t mean any harm. He doesn’t understand the bigger situation, such as what has happened in New Zealand.’

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