Inquest Finds A Man Committed Suicide After Stabbing And Attempting To Burn His Wife Alive

Attempted killer John Cowley who committed a disgusting attack, stabbing and attempting to burn his wife alive has his death put to bed.

An inquest, that took place in Preston, into Mr Cowley’s death has revealed that the Lancashire native inflicted severe cuts on himself before he deliberately drowned himself.

John Cowley committed a vicious attack on his estranged wife Allison Cowley when she came to collect their daughter from Mr Cowley’s Mawdesley address in October of last year.

The brutal assault saw Alison stabbed in the abdomen multiple times before Mr Cowley set fire to her car while she remained inside of it.

It was revealed that Mr Cowley used petrol and a blowtorch to set the car alight, while Alison was bleeding from the stab wounds.

Fortunately, Ms Cowley’s daughter assisted her to escape before she was treated in hospital where she was said to be in a serious but stable condition.

LancsLive reported that Area Coroner James Newman said, ‘Following a pre-meditated serious assault on his estranged wife on October 10, 2018, Mr Cowley disappeared. Despite extensive police searches, he wasn’t found until his body was recovered from a lake on the property known as Woodvale, in Mawdesley, on October 18, 2018.

‘Although there is evidence of self-inflicted severe incisions, death is due to a deliberate drowning in a water hazard.’

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