Preston Revealed As The 9th Best Place For A Student Night Out

Preston has ranked in the Top 10 places for a Student Night Out.

The team at I Saw it First have looked into various factors that make up a memorable (or not so much!) night out and ranked the top university towns and cities.

Taking the top spot for the best student nightlife is the Yorkshire town of Huddersfield. Looking at the average number of bars and clubs, the price of a pint, cost of a taxi, number of takeaways and safety score, it’s obvious that your night won’t just be a lot more fun, but it will also put less of a dent in your student finance.

If you’re after a cheap pint then Preston is the place to be, whereas Birmingham has so many takeaways that when it comes to the end-of-night grub, you’ll be spoilt for choice. St Andrews comes out as the #1 choice for safety and Belfast is the top dog for cheap taxi fares, so whether you end up walking home or grabbing an uber, you’ll be safe and sound!

Top 10 Student Nightlife Spots
  1. Huddersfield
  2. Derby
  3. Chester
  4. Liverpool
  5. Sheffield
  6. Newcastle
  7. Leeds
  8. Stoke-On-Trent
  9. Preston
  10. Middlesbrough
Number of Nightlife Options – London
Cheapest Pint Price – Bolton & Lancaster
Cheapest Price of a Taxi (Start) – Derby
Cheapest Price of a Taxi (1km) – Belfast
Safest Student City – St Andrews
Most Amount of Takeaways – Birmingham

You can find out more details online by clicking here.

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