Anthony Joshua Dismisses Panic Attack Rumours After Ruiz Jr Loss

The world was in shock Sunday morning following Unified Heavy-Weight World Champion Anthony Joshua lost to Mexican underdog Andy Ruiz Jr.

Anthony ‘AJ’ Joshua was floored several times during his American debut at Madison Square Gardens before the referee called a halt to the fight.

Ruiz Jr’s superior hand-speed and general big cojones gave AJ a world of problems, as he came back from a third round knock-down to eventually TKO the former champ.

Rumours began to swell on social media with some fans believing that the London native didn’t look at the races.

Panic attacks and being knocked out in sparring during fight week became the talking points and the reasons that Joshua didn’t perform, or rather was out-performed.

However, AJ has taken to YouTube to put the gossip to bed.

Joshua said, ‘I’ve had time to reflect. Losing isn’t in anyone’s nature, whether you’re playing chess, playstation or competing at a high-level in sport or in business.

‘I took my first loss, how to explain that feeling? It’s happened to me before, but I feel those times I lost, years back, have made me a stronger person and hasn’t really changed me’.

He went on to say during the four-and-a-half minute video, ‘I had no panic attack. Like, I’m not that type of person. You know me and that’s why I say and I’m going to keep on saying I have to take my loss like a man.’

Watch the full video below:

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