Trump Has Arrived & It Didn’t Take Long For Controversy To Follow

The Donald has officially arrived in the UK today, with all the usual aplomb of a state visit, plus the extra controversy regarding the Leader of the Free World’s antics over the recent years. Surprisingly, after months of low public visibility, President Trump’s wife and First Lady Melania has joined him on his trip.

Having left for the UK from Washington last night, Trump had plenty of time to perfect his entrance to the country, having arrived at Stanstead at 9am this morning. His first stop before his official greeting with Her Majesty the Queen was the US Ambassador’s official residence, allowing a brief pit stop before the official ceremonial duties began.

Prince Charles was the first royal to greet Trump and his wife, before leading the 45th President up the steps of Buckingham palace to meet her majesty. Greeted with a friendly smile and handshake, whatever Her Majesty’s thoughts, they were completely unreadable as ever. With the Queen hosting a state banquet in Trump’s honour this evening, the two will have plenty of time to become properly acquainted, giving Trump plenty of time to put his foot in it.

Yet, in true Donald style, the day has not been without controversy, with Trump’s first act on British soil to launch a scathing attack on the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, calling him ‘nasty’ and a ‘stone cold loser’ following Khan’s open comment about Trump being a ‘21st century fascist.’

To greet Donald in London, the infamous Trump baby balloon has been brought back, but this time bigger and better, to really catch his attention. Whatever is to come over the next few days, no doubt, there will be some controversial headlines that follow. With protests planned for Trump’s time in the UK, no doubt we’ll be hearing more from him on twitter too!

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