Exposure to Night Time Light Causes Weight Gain?

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. What a stupid headline. But, I promise you, there is some scientific backing to the claims that falling asleep to your TV at night can cause you to gain weight.

According to a study of almost 44,000 people, women were likely to gain weight and become overweight or obese over the next 5 years, should they fall asleep in front of their TV. The study, published in the journal of JAMA Internal Medicine has, therefore, come to the conclusion that one possible way of tackling the obesity crisis is to remove the lights and screens from bedrooms.

Researchers from the US included 43,722 women aged between 35 and 74 in their tests, following closely their weight over 5 years. They took into account their varying BMI and exposure to nighttime light.

According to the research, exposure to artificial light at night was linked with an increased risk of weight gain and the development of obesity, with those exposed to light 17% more likely to gain 5kg or more over the next 5 years.

Now, I’m no scientist, however, this research seems flimsy at best. It is natural to gain weight as people age and there appear to be many more factors that could influence weight much more than exposure to night time lights.

The study also suggested that those exposed to nighttime light were 22 per cent more likely to become newly overweight and 33 per cent more likely to become newly obese.

Thankfully, following the publication of the research, the scientists have come out and said that exposure to nighttime light might be more of an indicator to other unhealthy behaviours that impact weight, rather than being the sole cause. Either way, a new way to think about how to stop gaining weight!

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