CCTV RELEASED: Youths Attempt To Steal A Motorbike From Rossall Street

CCTV footage has been released of yet more thieves targetting vehicles in Preston, this time on Rossall Street.

Preston Police previously warned Ribbleton residents of a suspected car thief in the area following footage witnessing a man attempting to get into locked cars.

Today CCTV footage has been released via social media, showing two youths allegedly attempting to steal a bike in the early hours of the morning.

A spokesman for Ashton and Riversway PACT, who shared the video, said, “‘It’s time to stand up against these people’, ‘Fed up with youths around Ashton doing what they please and getting away unchallenged’. ‘Do you have meetings so as a community we can start acting on mindless behaviour and the anti social behaviour that is caused to decent people living in the area.’

“These two consecutive video show CTTV clips show two twockers (taking without owner’s consent) trying to steal a motor bike on Rossall Street in the early hours of this morning with the bike sustaining some damage to exhaust system after being dropped.”

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