Police Called To Winckley Square Gardens After Couple Have “Full On Sex” In Public

Preston Police were called earlier this month to reports that a couple were engaging in sexual intercourse in the middle of Winckley Square gardens.

Scarred families were walking through Winckley Square on June 2nd at 8pm when they bumped into two people having full-on sex in public view.

The usually-gorgeous scenery is surrounded by restaurants, businesses, classy apartments and shrubbery.

Carl Andrew Robinson, 35, living in Layton Road in Preston, appeared in Preston Magistrates Court earlier this week. He pleaded guilty to “Outraging public decency by behaving in an indecent manner”.

Ian Leach, 27, pleaded guilty to the same offense and was handed 42 weeks of jail time – Because he was already on a suspended sentence at the time of their arrest.

According to recent surveys, a “Park” and “Outdoor space” is the most common place to have sex in public. Apparently, people feel a sense of “adventure”.. Or something.

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