What People Say About Kip McGrath

Kip McGrath Education Centre

Since 1976, Kip McGrath has been helping primary and secondary school children all over the world to improve their learning and helping them reach their full potential. They understood that every child learns differently and they have developed a method to help children to catch up and keep up in the core areas of English and Maths.

Take a look at what Kip McGrath offer and what people say about the team.

Maths Tuition
Their maths programme covers all curriculum topics that students are expected to learn in school. The programme is designed to teach children basic mathematical concepts which will help them understand and learn new concepts so they can catch up at school.

There are three main topics:
• Maths Core
• Maths Problems
• Algebra

McGrath use face-to-face teaching, stimulating computer based learning and revision homework activities within our programme to help their students.

English Tuition
Their English programme caters for students who are virtual non-readers through to those that are having minor difficulties with their learning development. The curriculum covers all aspects of English that students are expected to learn throughout their years at school.

There are five main areas in the curriculum:
• Early Reading
• Reading
• Spelling
• Comprehension
• English

The programme will engage your child in a variety of structured, yet fun learning activities.

A Selection Of Testimonials
“We are proud with what we have achieved throughout the years and the many students we have helped throughout the way”. Take a look at some of Kip McGrath’s testimonials below.

‘’My son’s attendance at Kip McGrath improved his confidence with reading and writing and this was shown through his improvement in schoolwork. The staff were very supportive and provided ongoing feedback.’’

‘’Staff members are approachable and friendly and let you know how your child is progressing after each session.’’

‘’We’ve noticed not only an improvement in our child’s academic achievements, but more importantly, an improvement in his overall confidence levels.’’

‘’My daughter attended Kip McGrath for help specifically with her division. It was quickly assessed to be a lack of understanding of pie graphs and fractions which she had fallen behind in Year 3. She is now in Year 5. Through her weekly attendance at Kip McGrath and the enthusiastic attentions and commitment of Inge and Robert who run the centre she is back on track with maths and more confident. Her love of maths has returned.’’

Take a look at all their testimonials here.

Kip McGrath aim to make a difference and with over 40 years’ experience and an international reputation, they know what works.

They can help you boost your child’s success, confidence and self-esteem in English and maths today.

If you would like to find out more about tuition services – simply get in touch with them today and they will be happy to help.

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