Preston City Council Is Looking For Rigby’s Successor To Take Guild Hall Control

Preston City Council has announced that they are looking for Simon Rigby’s successor as the search for a Preston Guild Hall operator begins.

A spokesman for the City Council said, “Seeking an operator for the Guild Hall, including the Charter Theatre, Grand Hall, offices and ground floor shops, Preston City Council aims to use this competitive process to find the most economically advantageous solution for the future of the venue.”

The Council moved to re-take control of the venue after the Guild Hall went into administration under Rigby’s leadership last month.

Leader of Preston City Council, Councillor Matthew Brown added, “I am really pleased we are already in the position to look to the future of the Guild Hall. This is a crucial next step and while we will follow all necessary due processes and protocol, we must keep moving forward at pace. Keeping the venue empty is not to anyone’s advantage and we are acutely aware that entertainment programmes and the like require a significant lead-in time.

“This is a very different proposition to the one we took to market 5 years ago, because times have changed and we have learned from experience. We recognise the Guild Hall’s importance to the city and believe that the council has a key role in determining its future. We will ensure we are a key stakeholder in the process going forward.

“I look forward to seeing formal proposals from organisations with the experience and financial capacity to take a venue of this size on and make it thrive.”

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