What type of Summer Lover are you?

The Excitable Sun-Basker

You wake up every morning and can’t wait to open your curtains. You can see the light coming through the cracks in the curtains and you know it’s a glorious day out there already. That doesn’t stop you from letting out a large ‘whoop’ and legging it to your shorts/skirt draw and getting those pasty legs out, ready to top up your tan and spend every waking moment out in the sun. You’re probably already planning how to elongate your time outside, from planning BBQs for everyday of the next 3 months, whether or not the sun stays with us.

The ‘Anti-Peter Kay’

You enjoy the sun; at least for the first five seconds. Then comes the inevitable ‘I like it hot, but not this hot’ mantra that made Peter Kay so famous. You’re the type of person that enjoys the general joy that sunshine brings to you and your friends, but unfortunately, the light of the sun just makes you a grumpy, sweaty mess. Therefore, you can usually be found in the shade, or in the eyesight of the largest fan in the office. As Peter himself says, ‘stop moaning and get yourself a Calypo’.

The Beer-Garden enthusiast

Sun’s out, beers out. You’re the type of person that wants to make the most out of the glorious weather by spending it soaking up the sun and alcohol. You don’t really care about the sun after your third drink, instead it becomes the perfect excuse to drink with your mates. It reminds you of your university days, lack of care and all responsibility… at least until your hangover hits and you have to start drinking all over again, because the sun has not yet set on the British summer.

The Insta-Tanner

You live for the sunny weather, or at least that’s what your social media says. Your Instagram page is filled with hotdogs, or at least that’s what the hashtag says below yet another picture of your browning thighs and knees. Every day of sunshine another upload, because what would be the point of just enjoying the glorious weather. Beware though, as you well know, the sunshine that brings all the likes also causes a problem for selecting the filters, as the glare on your screen stops you from making that perfect selection! Fear not, for you’ll take a selection of identical pictures that you can select from whilst you’re sat in your room, practicing how to pout in your winter coat selection.

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