Cuadrilla CEO Excited To Resume Drilling On Preston New Road Site

Caudrilla’s Chief Executive Officer has said the company is looking forward to returning to Preston New Road site, despite continued protests.

The fracking firm started the extraction process 10 months ago but had ceased operations just two months later in December 2018.

Francis Egan, Chief Executive Officer, said “We look forward to returning to operations at Preston New Road which will further prove the flow of high quality natural gas from the Bowland Shale. Work to date on what is probably the most highly monitored onshore oil and gas site in the world has proved that this is an entirely safe, well run and well-regulated operation – and there is no doubt that the opportunity for the UK is huge.

“This work programme builds on Cuadrilla’s unique experience and expertise as the leading onshore shale exploration operator in the UK. We have learnt a lot during the hydraulic fracture programme for the PNR-1z horizontal in 2018 and this expertise forms the basis for the new hydraulic fracture plan for our second horizontal well, PNR2.”

Anti-fracking protesters noted that operations at the site were halted half-a-dozen times, due to micro earth tremors thought to be caused by drilling.

Francis responded, “It is no secret that we have asked for an expert technical review of the uniquely low micro-seismic operating limit of just 0.5ML on the Richter scale. It remains the case that we are the only UK Operator currently able to move forward and provide more data to support an expert review of this threshold – and we intend to do so. I am looking forward to demonstrating over coming months that this remains an entirely safe and hugely exciting opportunity for the UK.”

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